Cooking Events and Corporate Team Building.

Our cooking events are a perfect way to build camaraderie and boost team morale! Designed to spark conversation and fun for all, our events encourage participants to get active in the kitchen while they stir up delicious treats and a good time. Each event is custom designed and can be based on an international menu, a type of food, a competition or a theme connected to your organization.

Upon arrival, your group will be welcomed by tasty hors d'oeuvres and beverages to get ready for all the food and fun. Guests will then slip on chef hats and COOK LA aprons and be divided into teams with the guidance of our fun and talented chefs, each team will whip up and serve dishes from the day’s delicious menu. Once the corporate team building activity is finished everyone is invited to sit down, relax, and enjoy his or her culinary creations.

Iron Chef challenge

“Iron-Chef” Style Events (10-35 Guests); our most popular and signature Cooking Competition

In these events, the group is divided into two or three teams (8-10 per team), given one hour of competitive competition with mystery ingredients to work with, and must cook on their own separate side of the kitchen to create the winning meal.

Each team will work with a chef to guide them during the process of making their creations. There are also games played by each team member to get the chance to go up to the ingredient table for this competition. Cook LA chefs provide a premade salad and dessert to enjoy with their meals.

Great Pizza Challenge

This event provides the perfect vehicle for a fun, festive and delicious hands-on team building experience. Communication? Teamwork? Leadership skills

Your fabulous Chef facilitators divide everyone into groups as you ease into two or three hours of friendly competition. But there’s more to this than simply teams tossing fresh ingredients on a crust – your teams earn ingredients by competing in a series of gentle mental challenges based around pizza trivia. It’s the perfect warm-up.

And once the goods are in the oven? Teams each get to name their Pizza, do a Pizza toss with our unique “throw dough” and design a logo to adorn the box. They also create a 30-second commercial to perform for the entire group. After everyone gets to sample each unique pizza, one team will be crowned champions. And the newfound team building skills will start paying dividends back in the workplace from day one.

World Wide Cooking

Let us transform your group into chefs!

Everyone works together with our Chef Instructors to prepare an elaborate lunch or dinner, served either buffet-style or as a plated multi-course meal. We have suggested menus to choose from or we can customize one for your group. As an entire team, everyone will chop, dice and mince according to all recipes. This gives everyone different techniques into cutting and prepping for all recipes. When all is done, we coordinate your group into cooking teams so each person will be paired up to accomplish the assembly and cooking of each recipe they are given. This gives everyone the chance to work together, have communication amongst each other, have teamwork/team bonding in a creative, interactive experience and possibly problem solving if their recipes are not followed correctly.

Our most popular menus include but are not limited to the following:

  • THAI

Cupcake or Cake Wars

Just like the TV show, your group will be divided into teams pitting cupcake vs. cupcake in the tastiest competition yet.

Each team will compete in this bake off with two different cupcakes for judging. One will take a standard cupcake, either chocolate or vanilla, and up the wow factor with different ingredients available from our pantry. Additionally, should you like hors d’oeuvres and other catering items for your guests as they compete, we can provide.

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